Wedding Dance Lessons

First wedding dance with Making your day look great

It's all about you

Your Wedding Dance is an expression of the love you share together and allows you to express it to your family and friends

 Since 2007 Dance Bethesda has worked with Bridal Couples create a dance that they will remember for the rest of their lives. We have had the pleasure of designing the perfect dance for over 600 couples. Come join us, we have locations for your wedding dance in Bethesda and your wedding dance in Gaithersburg


Seal it with a kiss

We work with you in making your dance special. Part of our services in splicing your music if you decide to mix up your dance with different types of music. We also offer advice of staging your dance, doing the parent dances and working with your band/D.J


Wedding Dance Consultation

We offer a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your wedding, music and your ideas on how you want to express your dance to each other and your guests.

Wedding Dance Marc and Kathy

Our goal is to create a wedding dance that both you and your guests will long remember.

Wedding Packages

We love working with your parents. Father - Daughter and Mother - Son dances