Video of our Dance Class in Bethesda and Dance Class in Gaithersburg

Here are weekly updates from our classes that we teach each week. Please feel free to watch and review, then come along and join in.

Saturday International Tango

Our Saturday International Tango class demonstrated by Michael Rye at the Shadow Mountain Resort in Arizona.

Wednesday Gold Americna Rumba

Here is Michael Rye demonstrating the Follow then Lead steps of the Telemark and Overturned Back Break from our 2/7/18 class.

Wednesday Bronze American Rumba

This weeks class has Mr. Bret and Ms. Giang demonstrating the Box, Under Arm Turn, Cross Overs and Spot Turn to Right from our 2/7/18 class.

Wednesday Silver American Rumba

Here is a video of the Shadow Variations done in our class of 1/31/18 danced by Mr. Dan and Ms. Luba

Wednesday Bronze American East Coast Swing Class

our 1/24/2018 class where Ms. Shirley partners Michael Rye in an amalgamation of Change the Hands Behind the Back, Shoulder Check ( Stop and Go ), Back Walks, Double Face Loop.

Wednesday Bronze American East Coast Swing

People of ages can enjoy dancing together. Here is a short clip of Mr. Bert and Ms. Hermelinda doing the Double Face Loop from our Wednesday East Coast Swing Class.

Wednesday Silver American Rumba

In this class of 1/24/2018 Michael Rye partnered by Ms. Luba demonstrate the Open Walk with Syncopated Walks and Traveling Swivels

Wednesday Silver American Tango

Our 1/24/2018 class showing the steps we have done so far. The Flicks, Ronde and Curl, Oversway and Ronde. Led by Mr. Dan and follow by Michael Rye.

Thursday American Silver Tango

This week we introduced the Ronde and Curl to our Tango groupings. Demonstrated by Michael Rye being led by Mr. Charles

Wednesday American Silver Rumba

Our class from 1/1, introduced the Shadow Variation to the first two groups - Travelling Swivels and Open Rumba Walks with Syncopated Turn. Demonstrated by Michael Rye Partnered by Ms. Lisa

Thursday American Intermediate Cha Cha

Our 1/11/18 class at Sport and Health - Lakeforest, Gaithersburg doing the Cha Cha with Michael Rye partnered by Ms. Karen doing Shadow Position, Turkish Towel, Half Moon.

Join us each Thursday evening.

Wednesday Silver American Rumba

Week 2 of our Silver American Rumba class, Michael Rye partnered with Ms. Lisa

Wednesday American Bronze East Coast Swing

Our East Coast Swing class of 1/10/18, our 2nd week of class Michael Rye partnered by Ms. Hermelinda

Thursday American Intermediate Waltz

Our Thursday Sport and Health Club Classes are back in full swing. Here are the Waltz steps from 1/4/2018, with Ms. Giang partnering Michael

Wednesday American Silver Rumba Class

Our 1/3/18 Rumba Class - Open Rumba Walks with Syncopated Turns with Michael Rye partnered by Ms. Jessie.  Come along and join us at 8:15pm.  See our Calendar

Wednesday Silver American Tango Class

Our 1/3/18 Tango Class - Flicks and Double Ronde and Curl with Michael Rye partnered by Ms. Luba.  Come along and join us at 9;00pm.  See our Calendar