Private Lessons in Bethesda North Bethesda .and Gaithersburg


Why Privates?

Private Lessons allow you to learn one on one with Michael, who is a World recognized Professional Dance Teacher.  Working together you learn at your own pace on the styles of dance you want to learn, not having to keep pace with a class environment.

The great advantage of Private Lessons over group classes, is that Private Lessons are by appointment only. They can be scheduled around your busy lifestyle and work commitments, either weekly or as time allows.

A great way to learn to dance, whether you are learning for yourself or as a couple. To create  a new hobby, weekly date night or to improve your fitness and mental health. Dancing is the way to go!

Give Michael a call today to book a FREE 30 minute consultation to discuss, the style, the event and goals that you would like dance to take you.

Call Michael 703-851-5357 or book online here.

Cost and Packages

Private Lessons are 45 minutes long.


Single Lesson is $95.00

4 Pack of Lessons is $360.00

10 pack of lessons is $850.00

We offer an Introductory Lesson Package of 4 privates and 4 group classes for $400.00 for first time purchases.

All packages are valid for a 6 month period from date of purchase.

Lesson Cancellation Policy

We ask that you contact us 24 hours before you lesson time if you cannot attend.  If we can reschedule your lesson in a 7 day period we do not charge you for it.

If less that 24 hours and we cannot reschedule you, the lesson will be debited from your account.

Book a Complimentary Consultation

A Complimentary Consultation is a Free 30 minute lesson where we sit down together and get to know each other, while discussing the best ways to help you learn to dance. We discuss your goals, how you like to learn,  and then decide if we are a good fit together.  Whether you then decide to use me or not we will have created a new friendship. Please call me on 703-851-5357 or book online.

Refund Policy

As we offer a complimentary lesson and explain our packages before allowing you to purchase with us. We do not offer a refund policy. We do offer to sell your package for you for an admin fee of $50.00.