As soon as you step into Dance Bethesda, you will quickly learn this is not your typical dance studio.  Don’t be startled if you get a BIG HELLO from our staff.  We might even share a few jokes with you.  What can we say, we love to have fun and share our love of dance with everyone that enters our studio.

OUR MISSION is to empower lives step by step.  We believe dance inspires people to become more confident, graceful, improves your communication skills, and creates lasting friendships through the common love of dance.


OUR CULTURE has proven us to be the friendliest dance floor in town.  Our students choose us over our counterparts time and time over again because of our no pressure friendly environment and staff.  Because of our inclusive nature, unique team spirit, and emphasis on fun and social purpose of dance, we are accessible to everyone from the complete beginner to the very advanced.


OUR EXPERIENCE speaks for itselfMichael Rye opened the doors of Dance Bethesda 5 years ago with over 25 years of experience under his belt.  Dancing since he was a kid, he came to America to pursue his dreams of opening a dance studio where people could have fun but also offer quality instruction in the elements of dance.  As a result, he has attracted a top notch teaching staff from all backgrounds of dance such as ballet, tap, hip hop, modern, ballroom, and jazz.   Our professionally trained instructors have unique strengths and diverse personalities, yet they all share a dedication to high standards and practices of dance.

At Dance Bethesda we put high value on quality of instruction and therefore structure our curriculum using the DVIDA system. By being active in the local, national, and international dance communities, we stay current with the latest trends, styles, and the industry’s best practices.


Hear what our students have to say about Dance Bethesda!

Dance Bethesda Group Photo

Excellent teachers, a great atmosphere, and all forms of social dance are taught and supported.

Kathryn H.

We had our fourth private lesson at Dance Bethesda and told our teacher that our goal was to learn to tango by our fiftieth anniversary next year. Even though that’s 10 months away, we doubted that it would be possible, not being the most coordinated people around. As usual she was enthusiastic and encouraging, went over beginning steps slowly and with repetition. By the time we finished our one hour lesson, we felt there was hope for us to learn this beautiful dance and were on our way to actually being able to tango!

Jean R.

Good instruction at a reasonable price point. Personable instructors who take the time to help students in the small group classes.

Eric Z.

Returning to Tuesday night classes at Dance Bethesda last night after a long hiatus from them, made me appreciate very much how Rosario and Micheal really take the time to focus on technique and practice. I particularly enjoy Rosario’s focus on giving us many chances to repeat things so that we have the time to try to incorporate new technique into our movements and gain new muscle memory. I also gain a lot from Micheal’s way of keeping a strict eye on good form and proper leading as he goes through a lesson, while keeping us focused on learning a beautiful series of movements. These teachers offer up so much and keep me coming back to learn ballroom dance at Dance Bethesda!

Jessica B.

Comfortable fit – We met couples and singles of all ages who were learning along with us. Always nice to meet new people and dancing gave us a common interest. Instructors are kind and well skilled. Looking forward to our next set of lessons!

Bev and Monty