Latin dances are characterized as sensual, romantic, and sexy. The Latin dances are “spot” dances, meaning the couples generally dance in the same spot on the dance floor as opposed to traveling around the dance floor in a counterclockwise circle, (as they do in the Ballroom or Smooth dances.)

Here’s a description of the various Latin dances taught at Dance Bethesda.

RUMBA  – Rumba is distinguished by its romantic feel and gradual, carefully timed footwork and patterns. The Rumba will sharpen your sense of rhythm, timing, and muscular control. It is exemplified by a sensuous swaying of the hips, known as Cuban Motion. With its easy pace and fluid, seductive movements, Rumba is a beautiful dance for all levels.

CHA CHA  – The Cha-Cha adds fun to your dancing through it’s syncopated steps and many open movements. When you can dance many interesting combinations with ease, you and your partner will be able to feel the pulsating latin rhythms which make this dance so fascinating.

BOLERO  – Bolero is often referred to as the “Cuban Dance of Love,” due to the sensuality of its rhythmic movements. The patterns resemble those found in Rumba and some Tango figures. Unlike Rumba, a gentle but deep swaying motion is part of the Bolero style. Powerfully suggestive. If this dance doesn’t stir your blood nothing will!!

SAMBA  – A fun, rhythmical Brazilian dance which has been adapted for modern Ballroom dancing. Samba is noted for its distinct style of movement, which incorporates both Latin hip motion and the signature “Samba Bounce”. Samba is free-flowing, rhythmically enticing and upbeat. It can be danced competitively, but is also a relatively straightforward dance for beginning social dancers.

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