How would you like to be the star of the show?  At Dance Bethesda we hold two to three dance showcases a year where students get to learn a routine and perform their new dance skills for an audience.  Students also have the opportunity to perform at social parties and other events throughout the year.


Have you ever dreamed of competing? Dance Bethesda can help you make that dream come true! Dancing in a competition has many benefits for you as a dance student. The biggest advantage is that is creates a goal for you. Students who participate in competitions tend to learn faster and dance with more technique and style than students who only focus on the social aspects of dancing.  

Competitions are also a great place to meet people with similar interests. Everyone at the competition, from the newest dancer to the seasoned veteran has worked hard to get there. This builds great camaraderie and confidence with everyone rooting for one another. By the end of the weekend, most people feel a sense of accomplishment and are inspired to learn more.

Do I need a partner to compete? No! Many people choose to compete with their teacher as a pro-am partnership. There are many Professional-Amateur competitions a year which we attend.  Several are in town, and several are in fun locations like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Puerto Rico. Pro-am competitions are a great way to focus on improving the dances of your choice, as well as showing off for your friends!


This special class is designed to inspire the performer in you. Over an 8 week period, you will learn movement, choreography, and experience the thrill of performing a routine at one of our social parties or showcase events.  Themes vary from “Dirty Dancing” inspired Mambo, to James Bond, and Dance Like Michael Jackson to name a few.  Each performance brings its own excitement and FUN.