Club dances have their origins in night clubs and dance halls, as opposed to on the competition ballroom floor. The club dances often have a full community of dancers who dance only this dance. Each of these club dances has its own evolving culture, legendary dancers, and legendary musicians, as well as new and evolving styles and cultures.

Here’s a description of the various Club dances taught at Dance Bethesda.

SALSA– A spicy blend of Caribbean and African influences, Salsa is a fantastic Latin/Club style for dancers just starting out, and challenging enough to keep even pros coming back for more. Dancers soon learn that numerous patterns in Salsa can be adapted for moves in more classic Latin Dances, like Cha Cha, and in other Club Dances like Nightclub Two Step. Salsa also includes solos (or “shine steps”) where couples improvise their own moves, then reconnect.

BACHATA – A form of music and dance that originated in the countryside and rural neighborhoods of the Dominican Republic.  Its subjects are usually romantic; especially prevalent are tales of heartbreak. The music is in 4/4 timing and is influenced by rumba and Son, while remaining of distinctive sound. Bachata commands both partners to be comfortable and fluid with each other as the premise of the dance requires the female and male partners to be physically and emotionally connected. For what the dance lacks in physical intensity it is made up for with feeling and passion.

HUSTLE – Hustle originated in the 1970’s Disco Era and was popularized by John Travolta in the movie “Saturday Night Fever.” Still around, it shows no sign of disappearing. You’ll be surprised how quickly you pick up the clever footwork and groovy moves. It’s an ideal club dance for beginners, but we also know advanced dancers of all ages who continue to build on the patterns.

ARGENTINE TANGO  – A Latin style dance that originated in Argentina and was adapted for American style Ballroom dancing. It is characterized by its provocative figures, catlike walking action, and staccatto (sharp) head movements. The intense and magnetic Argentine Tango, boasts a dramatic flair that is found in no other Club Dance style.


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