The Year in Review – Farewell to ’15

While looking forward to Sweet 2016, I look back over the past twelve months with joy and a little sadness.

The year started with a blast as we celebrated the New Year at Kenwood Country Club. Larry and Anna performed as did Rosario and I. Gizelle did a great job being our D.J. and Shawn was the hostess with upmost. Thank you to all for making it a success.


There was sadness in losing Ms. Katy Davis to her new career in D.C. but joy in attending her wedding to her loving Tommy Rodriguez in Florida. College sweethearts, they spent time away from each other but Katy always said he was her man and he wasn’t getting away.

Katie Tommy 1

Sadness in the passing of my mother, Hazel Rye, who finally got her wish to join my father Tom walking together in the clouds. Joy in re-establishing links with family members I had not seen in over 35 years and telling family stories around the table enjoying fine Australian wine.  Joy in seeing my three granddaughters, Abbey, Lexi and Jordan. Spending time watching them swim, reading them stories and getting to know their “Poppy” from America.

Tom and Hazel Rye

June saw the move from of our premises on Woodmont Ave to Nicholson Lane. We were there six great years which saw lots of reconstruction and expansion. Sad to say goodbye to Woodmont Avenue, joy in continuing with the Dance Bethesda family at our new location.

There was lots of excitement outside the studio with my continued involvement in Capital Cotillion, with over 600 children once a month, learning etiquette and social dancing. It is a great experience seeing all the students interact with each other. The Cotillion has expanded each year and I look forward to the new season in 2016.

cotillion 1

The University Club of D.C and the Washington Waldorf School also took me out of the studio to teach classes for galas and social dances respectively.

One of the highlights of my year was being invited to judge the Maryland “Distinguished Young Women” scholarship program where 15 young ladies went thru the process of interviews, fitness, and talent. It was great to meet such a wonderful group of young ladies.

Our move to running lessons and classes at the Avant Garde Ballroom Center has been great. Sadly we lost a few students who did not wish to travel further out but we have found some lost students who like the free parking and convenient location.

Dance Bethesda takes great pride in bringing people together. 2015 saw the wedding of Anna and Larry and the engagement of Jennifer and Ricardo, two absolutely lovely couples who are so much in love.

Sad to see Ivan have to return to Ukraine, he was doing a great job teaching our newcomers.  Joy in learning of his marriage there with both his mother and grandmother in attendance. We hope to have Ivan and his bride return to us soon.

Ivan 1

So what’s in store for 2016? Keep watching…..

I Dance Because…..

Why Do I Dance ?

Not a good question it’s a great question.

I dance because I love moving my body to the different rhythms of music that is played.

I dance because I enjoy the interaction it brings with another person.

I dance because I found out at a young age I was good at it.

I dance because it allows the freedom to be creative and create emotion thru movement.

I dance because I love the challenge in mastering the steps, styling and interpreting the music.

I dance because on the dance floor I can express myself without worrying about social expectations.

I dance because I am a ham, and love to show off.

I dance because I love to entertain people that can’t and love to watch.

I dance because it allows me to express all my emotions – Happy, Sad, Anger, Love, and many more.

I dance because it’s great exercise and eradicates all the negativity that daily life brings.

I dance because it inspires others

I dance because I can dress up in silly costumes and be crazy.

I dance because I get to dance with you. Care to join me……



Recharging life

One of the great rewards for working hard is getting away to recharge your batteries and revitalize yourself for the year ahead. Which is what I had the pleasure of doing over the Valentine’s weekend in February.  I was whisked off to sunny Hawaii for some R & R, at the Grand Hyatt.

So for 5 days I was sitting by the pool, swimming in the salt water lagoon, walking along the beach and coastline, and sampling all the lovely restaurants in the resort. Should I mention two visits to the spa for spoiling massages and treatments. Ah, was I missing home, NO….

The best reason to get away of course is to look back where you have been and then plan the continuing journey before you. Unfortunately I did neither of these things. I just soaked up the rays, ate and drank, slept and rested well.

So now that I am back, the world has turned and enjoying doing what I love best, dancing. So what’s new you may ask that has me all excited, well let me tell you.

Continued teaching my students at Capital Cotillion with a Presidents Ball in February. In March we will be doing a Beach Party, then finishing up their social calendar with a Parent and child Ball in April. Interacting with these young teens and young adults is a great experience once a month. Where over the course of 4.5 hours in three classes, over 600 youngsters get to dance, socialize with each other and have fun with Mr. Rye the Australian guy.

I was invited to work with The University Club of D.C to teach members and guests how to dance on Monday evenings as a way of getting members to interact and have a social time together. The Club was expecting between 10- 15 per class and were stunned when they got over 40 members registered for dance classes over the next 4 weeks. Our first class was a great success with dancers in the age range of mid 30’s to 50’s all having fun.

Thursday evenings I am at the Sport and Health Club in Gaithersburg teaching a group of social dance enthusiasts in all the social dances and more. We meet for two hours for a whole lot of fun. So feel free to come along. We start at 7.00 pm downstairs in the small studio.

Not to forget all the action that is happening here in Dance Bethesda, with our showcase in May with a theme of music from Movies, Television and Stage. New Performance Classes featuring Dirty Dancing, Carnival Samba, and a James Bond theme to come down the road. Our Friday dances are a social blast with lots of people coming and enjoying the great atmosphere that is created by Gizelle, Shawn, Rosario, Cobey, Ivan and myself when I am here.

So that’s where my life is. Being happy and working on new classes, ideas and formats to make your visit to Dance Bethesda endless fun on the dance floor.

Relaxing in Hawaii

Relaxing in Hawaii

Teaching at Capital Cotillion

Teaching at Capital Cotillion

Thursday at Sport and Health

Thursday at Sport and Health